3 Ways to cool the house down without your AC

It is definitely getting hotter in South Florida and that means more of a strain on your AC unit and a higher electric bill each month. However, your leading air conditioner repair company of Hollywood FL has some helpful tips that will give both your wallet and your AC a break. Believe it or not there are ways to keep your house cool and even cool it down without using your air conditioner. Most people don’t see the big deal but when you are looking for an air conditioner repair company in Hollywood FL because you over ran your AC, you will see why you should have followed these 3 tips:

  1. Have fans: This doesn’t mean you have to be a rock star with thousands of fans around the world. Nope, just have a couple in your home and have them running throughout the day. They pull far less electric than the AC unit and they will maintain the temperature of your home while also helping it to cool down faster when your air conditioner is running. This is less time your air conditioner has to run which saves you money.
  2. Shades are your friend: It’s beautiful outside, but having the windows open can actually cause the temperature to rise in the house because it lets cold air get to the windows which are usually heating up during the day. By keeping the shades down you are keeping heat outside which is a big factor in keeping the interior of your home cool for as long as possible.
  3. Go outside: This isn’t a joke, if you are outside; either enjoying some activities, at work or something else, your house will maintain a cooler temperature because there aren’t a lot of people in it, moving around, using televisions and computers and causing it to heat up. Obviously if you want to be home you are going to be but this is more to make you realize how you do not have to run your air conditioner if you are out for the day. When you head out raise the thermostat up to save some money.

Obviously we would all love to be able to keep our electric bill down and keep the temperature down as well. If you have the money you may want to look into a modern air conditioner unit that is way easier on your electric bill. We can easily install any unit you want. But if that isn’t an option for you right now you need to look into more creative ways of saving money and keeping the stress level down on your AC. You do not want it running during the day, especially if no one is home. 2-3 in the afternoon is the hottest time of the day, and that’s why turning the thermostat up can save you a lot of money. Having the air conditioner run during that time of day, when no one is home is just a waste and it will make your AC unit work overtime to keep your house cool.