Air condition repair Hollywood FL Free Inspections for April

Fuji air condition repair of Hollywood FL is offering free inspections for the month of April to all residences of the city and surrounding communities. The free inspections will cover needs of air condition repair, removal and installation, cleaning and more. These services are all offered through the company but you can now get a free inspection and estimate of these services if you call during the month of April. The goal of the free inspections is to help educate people on what they can do to keep their air conditioners running smoothly during the summer as well as to save some money:

  1. Get it cleaned: This is the time of year for spring cleaning. However, if you do not get your AC ducts cleaned out are you really getting your entire house clean? Cleaning ducts is not something you want to do yourself because any mistake can cause a small leak which costs you money.
  2. Get it serviced: Your air condition should be serviced at least once a year. This is a simple task done by an air conditioning professional who will inspect, clean and make any simple repairs needed to the unit. A service will keep the unit running smoothly during the summer months but it may also allow you to avoid any major repair work needed down the road. Would you rather an AC tech find something wrong now and fix it in the same day you called for the unit to be looked at or would you rather have to have repair work done when something goes wrong and you have to wait during a hot day this summer?
  3. Saving money: Not only will you be saving money on the free inspection but you will also save money by having your unit cleaned and serviced. You can also check out our site for additional tips on keeping the electric bill down during the summer.

The focus of Fuji air condition repair of Hollywood FL for offering Free inspections for the month of April is to try and help you prevent a need for major repair work. If you have not had your AC inspected in the last few years now is the time to do so. The summer months are brutal in South Florida and they will require you to run your AC almost all day. You want to avoid doing that as much as possible. Give the AC unit as many breaks as you can during the day, turn the thermostat up when you leave the house, don’t let it run when no one is home and make sure you get it checked out and serviced. These may seem like simple tips but they can actually go a long way in saving you money and time from the need of major repair work. That’s what Fuji Air is trying to do, save you time and money by getting your air conditioning checked out now rather than later when major repair work has to be done.