Commercial Air Conditioning Installations and Repairs Hollywood Florida

If you are looking for high quality and reliable commercial air conditioning services in and around metro Hollywood Fl, then you definitely do not need to look any further than us. Fuji Air LLC have been servicing the entire South Florida metropolitan area especially Broward County Florida, for decades now, and therefore can easily attend to your requirements with the kind of personalized experience and professionalism which few other entities in this space really have.
This includes routine maintenance, repairs, and replacement installation. For any of these requirements, We have trained and highly experienced personnel who know how to get the job done to specs.

Our commercial services include:

Repair Work

Air conditioners like any other machines can falter over time and need to be repaired. We are fully equipped to handle a variety of commercial air conditioners, for which we have trained and highly experienced technicians. These professionals are available for repair work 24/7 and will get on to the job in a flash as soon as we receive your request.
Fiji Air Hollywood Florida


There comes a time when repair is really not an option since the air conditioner has well and truly lived its life – it is now time to replace it. As in the case of repair work, for replacement requirements as well, we have trained technicians who will deftly replace your commercial air conditioner. Not only that, they are knowledgeable enough to advise you on your choice of a replacement, should you need help – so don’t hesitate to ask!


The key to ensuring that your air conditioning runs smoothly is to get it maintained from time to time. By and large, routine servicing and maintenance work should ensure that your air conditioning works seamlessly. We are fully geared for all such ac maintenance work – feel free to call Fuji Air LLC!
We have 24-7 Commercial help available in Industry Business
When you can clearly feel your commercial air conditioning not running as smoothly as it should – or perhaps not at all it is time to call the experts! Given the depth of experience that we have had in this space over decades, you can be assured of a thorough job repairing commercial air conditioners.

Some specific aspects of our commercial air conditioning services in Hollywood, FL which especially hold us in very good stead include:
We have been doing this for over 27 years so have the kind of depth in experience which few others have.

24 hour emergency services

Life without air conditioning, especially in Florida, can be a nightmare. Accordingly, we offer our services 24/7 on an emergency basis – simply call us and we will attend to your requirement at the earliest.

Highly trained and certified technicians

Our technicians are among the most trained and well qualified that you are ever likely to find in this space.


Notwithstanding the fabulous services that we offer, we remain affordable and highly competitive, with financing options which can make payment for you that much easier.

Fuji Air LLC have some of the best technicians in this business working with us; our services are super-fast and we offer fabulous pricing with financing options to boot.

Call us NOW on (754) 551-5636 for a FREE quote or fill out our contact form and consultation for commercial AC repair or service in Hollywood.