Regular Maintenance for Air Conditioners

Many people turn off their heat in the winter and in a few days, turn their air conditioner on. They are absolutely devastated when it doesn’t work. This becomes even worse when the temperature is 80 degrees or more because not only is the thought of paying money for a service call and a repair enough to get them heated, but the actual heat in the house is unbearable.

This situation can be avoided with regular maintenance for air conditioners. Usually, the reason AC units do not work as they should when winter is over and the warmer days of spring and summer start is because the unit was not winterized. What’s unfortunate is that most people could avoid the extra costs of repair if they had just called a company specializing in air condition repair in Hollywood, FL.

When to Do It

In the fall when you open your windows and turn off your AC for the last time, you should call for AC services in Hollywood, FL. A serviceman will come out to your home, check the unit for any problems, and clean it to ensure that no debris ends up deteriorating through the winter months.

Once the AC has been maintained, you can use your heat for the colder months with confidence that when spring and summer come around again, the unit will be ready to cool you down.

Why This Works

AC units work very hard in the spring and summer. They run more than they are off, especially in Florida. Just like any machine, if it continuously runs, there’s going to be dust and debris that collect in its mechanisms. When that dust and debris remain in the unit for a long time (the winter months), it can harden. This makes it very hard to remove, and when the unit is turned on again, the mechanisms inside can break from having to work harder to get through all of the hardened debris.

Not only is the dust and debris a problem, but some mechanisms can fail during the summer and you wouldn’t have any idea. That’s because the rest of the machine may continue to run. What’s happening is that the mechanism that breaks may not stop the unit from working, but it does make the rest of the unit work harder. When other parts have to work harder, they become worn down quicker and can break.

If that first malfunctioning mechanism was repaired or replaced, other parts of the unit would not have broken. This would have saved a lot of money. It’s always better to have to pay for one part than multiple parts, or worse, an entire unit.

Get Ready to Maintain Your AC Unit

If you needed AC repair in Hollywood, FL this year, don’t let it happen again. Get your unit maintained in the fall. It will be well worth your time and money because you never know if you’ll end up spending more in the spring when it decides not to work again.