AC Repair Hollywood FL

You already know what makes us the leading company for air conditioning in Hollywood FL. You already know about our great services whether it is repairs, installation, maintenance or anything else. You also know about our great prices. So why should you call us today? Because things are heating up! We made it through the cold patch of the year and now it’s time for the weather in Hollywood FL to get back to normal, and that means HOT! The temperature is going up and we always run into the same problem every year, people rely on their air conditioners more and more and suddenly they break down. So you call us for fast AC repair and we deliver but often times the problem could have been avoided entirely.

Most AC issues come from lack of maintenance and service. We get it; you have a lot on your plate with work and family. If you get a few minutes to yourself you aren’t going to spend it calling up an air conditioning company to come out to clean and service your AC unit. But it is that extra little time you take that could prevent you from having bigger issues down the road. We ask so much of our air conditioning units, especially this time of the year and then we wonder why they break down. Think about how many hours your AC runs during the day. Include the time it runs while you aren’t home, while you are sleeping and also how hard it has to run during the hottest parts of the day! There are some of us who do not put that kind of wear and tear on our cars, that’s how harsh we can be on our air conditioners. But we need it, we cannot live in homes that are 90 degrees and hotter so we abuse our air conditioner units for all they are worth.

That’s understandable but before the temperature gets too hot, and before we push our units to the max, make sure you get them services and check on so you are positive they are ready for the challenge. You would be amazed how many hours and hundreds of dollars our customers could have saved if they got a simple service check a couple of months before their units break down. Of course there are some issues that will occur whether you have your unit serviced regularly or not but it is still a benefit to have it checked out at least once a year as well as having it cleaned. There are a lot of problems that come with not having clean ducts and vents which also is a big cause for some of the damage that occurs this time of year. So don’t delay, call your leading air conditioning team of Hollywood FL today and make sure you are ahead of the heat this year. Other places in the country may have heat waves but in South Florida the heat is home and that’s why you need to be on top of it all year long.