Get Your AC Serviced and Cleaned by the Best in Hollywood Florida!

When you are looking for elite AC services in Hollywood FL, there is little doubt who the best is. Here is an interesting fact; many people who focus on spring cleaning this time of year will forget to clean up to 35% of their home, simply because they do not realize it can be cleaned easily and quickly. This usually consists of the roof, AC ducts, attics and other areas like that. Now obviously we are not suggesting that you jump up on your roof with a bucket and a mop, but if you truly want to get your home cleaned throughout you may want to hire the best in South Florida to help you get the job done. AC ducts can be tricky but they need to be cleaned at least once a year. If you do a quality job of regularly cleaning your filter out or changing it out at least once every couple of months that’s fine. However, that will only get the majority of dirt, dust and other particles that are sucked up into the air vents. Even the smallest percentage of things getting caught in your vent can add up over time and that is why you want to make sure that you get your AC ducts cleaned on a regular basis.

Spring cleaning is a great time and opportunity to get your AC cleaned and checked out as we offer a discount for this time of the year. The reason is because we want to clean and service AC units before the temperatures get too high and you are running your AC overtime every single day. Imagine your AC is like a car. When would the mechanic like to check it out, make sure everything is running correctly and give it a tune-up; before a 10 hour drive or after a 10 hour drive? After the drive the damage has been done and they would now be in repair mode and many of the repairs would have been unnecessary if you had gotten the car checked before the trip. Everyone does it so don’t feel bad but that is exactly why we encourage people to get their AC checked, cleaned and serviced during the Spring to make sure it is in the best possible shape it can be before the heat of summer hits. This is part of what makes us the best AC service company in Hollywood FL, we focus on what is best for the customer as well as ways to help save you money. Our service record speaks for itself and we offer elite services at low prices and you know you are getting the best! So do yourself a favor and get your AC unit cleaned and serviced this Spring so that you know you got your entire house cleaned when you are doing your spring cleaning, rather than just most of it like everyone else is. You already do a great job of maintaining and cleaning your home on a regular basis, let us help you with the last little bit.